College Awareness Month

November is College Awareness Month! We want to take this opportunity to encourage our students to explore the options of post-secondary education after successfully completing the YouthBuild program. Although post-secondary school is not the right path for everyone, it can greatly benefit and elevate many individuals in their journey to a career. For those who know exactly what career field they desire to work in, post-secondary education is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be prepared and excel in that career. In regards to income, research has shown that, on average, college graduates earn more money than those with just a high school diploma/GED. While a college degree can be beneficial to those who already know what their career goals are, college can also be a way to explore a variety of fields and discover which one is best suited for you. Finally, college can create an opportunity to create a large network of friends and potential colleagues/business partners. These are just a few of the benefits to receiving a post-secondary education.

Every Friday we will be posting someone from the staff and explaining some of the benefits to attending college/university. If you are in post-secondary school or graduated from one, let us know why you applied! #whyapply #collegeawareness

Written By: Solane Nemera

National Apprenticeship Week

Today marks the beginning of National Apprenticeship Week! Many of our YouthBuild students excel on the construction site. It is an opportunity for them to receive guidance and master valuable construction trades. Dinah Bullock is a shining example of a student that works hard and is strongly benefitting from her apprenticeship opportunity. #NAW2019#YBNAW2019 #YouthBuildUSA @ [67426331609:274:YouthBuild USA]

Written By: Solane Nemera