Respect, Community, Responsibility, Dignity.

Statistics show that students who drop out of high school are more likely to live in poverty and suffer from unemployment, poor health, substance abuse, and/or violence. Young people with troubled histories benefit from an alternative learning environment that is rigorous and relevant, where they can develop relationships with caring adults and develop respect for themselves and others.

YouthBuild PCS gives young adults an opportunity to establish stable and productive adult lives filled with dignity and respect. Students are encouraged to pursue post-secondary education and/or to enter the workforce upon graduation. The YouthBuild PCS experience reflects real life, giving students a sense of community, belonging, and responsibility.

School Culture

At YouthBuild PCS, individual learning needs are balanced with the needs of a strong united school community that is safe-learner focused. YouthBuild PCS differs from a traditional high school by offering intentionally small class sizes, a personalized instructional model, and work-based learning to ensure more meaningful student participation and growth.

Students at YouthBuild PCS help create and sign a code of conduct. The code of conduct fosters personal responsibility and establishes positive group norms. Students also participate in community meetings, join in community service activities, and provide input to school staff through a Student Leadership Council.

YouthBuild PCS students attend school 5 days a week, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm, rotating between the academic classroom and construction training worksite. As a way to ensure that YouthBuild PCS students are able to stay in school throughout the course of the school year, YouthBuild PCS provides students with a bi-weekly stipend for time spent on the construction site and in the classroom, to assist with the cost of transportation, breakfast, and lunch. Though not a livable monthly wage, the stipend removes some economic pressures for students.

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