YouthBuild PCS provides students with an opportunity to prepare for work and life beyond the academic classroom—to enhance their leadership, socio-emotional, and professional skills.

One of the goals of the school is to ensure that students have the skills to be successfully placed in the workforce and/or post-secondary education once they leave YouthBuild PCS. Our Transitional Services program is designed to prepare students for that eventuality.

YouthBuild PCS also offers services to all students who were at one time enrolled in YouthBuild. We understand that students need support while transitioning to the workforce or postsecondary educational institutions, and help with navigating unforeseen obstacles that may arise. Therefore, we provide support in the areas of career development, employment placement, finding financial assistance for college, tutoring, case management and counseling to alumni. When students enroll, we tell them, once YouthBuild - always YouthBuild. It is our goal to provide support to our students in their efforts to attain their goals.

Workforce Development Training

Workforce development training teaches students the necessary skills to successfully obtain and maintain employment. Students learn how to create cover letters and resumes, conduct job searches, and hone interview skills. Students receive additional life skills instruction on the fundamentals of financial literacy and budgeting. JRT equips students with the necessary tools to begin the creation of their professional portfolio.

In addition, students learn professional etiquette, such as how to effectively communicate with an employer and how to successfully resolve conflicts and challenges in the workplace. Students have the opportunity to research and create a growth ladder for their desired careers, and are provided opportunities to job shadow and/or attend career fairs. Instructors work with students on how to polish their soft skills in the areas of attendance, punctuality, appearance, and articulation.

Post-secondary Preparation

YouthBuild PCS recognizes that earning a GED is just a step in the right direction. To enter into a career earning a living wage, students will need additional credentials. Our post-secondary programming prepares students to enroll in college, apprenticeship programs, or trade school to obtain the skills and credentials needed for success in the workforce. Topics covered include: the admissions process, financial aid, college survival skills, and test preparation. All students have the opportunity to participate in events such as college fairs, college tours, or institutes that offer dual enrollment.